When it comes to your vehicle, you want it reliable, safe, and with the assurance that it will continue to perform at its best. The way to accomplish this is through frequent maintenance. There is a saying in the automotive world, "Take care of your vehicle and it will take care of you." Most people do not know how to do maintenance on their vehicle, so bring it to us and we can make sure it is done correctly.



Tuning and brakes are very important and can keep you safe as well as others on the road. 

                                                                     Brakes are the single most important safety feature on your automoble. 

If your steering wheel shakes when apply brakes, hear the sound of whining or grinding metal, or have no pressure on your brake pedal, bring your car in for a complete and thorough brake inspection. It might be a good idea to come in and have us test drive and  evaluate your braking system for your own piece of mind.


Engine tuning is important for the protection of your engine. Not only will it extend engine life, it will also save money.  Your engine, when properly tuned, will save on fuel, thereby more miles per gallon and fewer break downs. 



Car services are an area of repair that includes oil changes and engine flushes.  They are typically less expensive and are geared more towards preventive maintenace. They are all important for your vehicle to run smoothly and keep you from more expensive repairs in the future. Ask our automotive technicians for an inspection of fluids, and fluid changes.



Wheels and Suspension services are also an important form of maintenance. 


Your tires have a lifespan that are greatly affected by the quality of the front end alignment and function of all the front end parts.  There is nothing worse than having a new set of tires wear down prematurely because of  poor alignment specifications. Proper tire size and proper inflation is key to extending the life of your tires. We carry a variety of tire lines including Michelin, Hankook, BF Goodrich, Toyo, Pirelli, and many more.  Call or come in today for all of your tire needs.


Suspension quality can help your tires last longer and give you a smoother ride. Misalignment, worn shocks and struts, bad ball joints and tie rods all can wear down your tires if not working correctly . Other front end parts include control arms, center drag links, radius arm bushings, wheel bearings, pittman and idle arms. Our Service Techs can make sure that you get the most out of your tires and a great comfortable ride.