It may be due to bad maintenance, bad parts, or just parts that are worn out. Every vehicle will eventually need repairs.  Frequent maintenance on a vehicle will normally pay dividends in the future and extend the service life. The better your regular maintenance, the less likely it will be to be surprised by expensive repairs.  Exhaust Pro Systems has maintenance programs to fit any car and any budget.




We specialize in exhaust repair. It does not matter if it is just a hole in your muffler or you would like to upgrade to a new high performance custom exhaust.  We have the solution for your vehicle.  Exhaust systems and related components are one of the main focuses of Exhaust Pro.  Mufflers, tailpipes, resonators and catalytic converters all come under the umbrella of our skilled technicians. It is hard to find a shop that has direct fit catalytic converters and universal fit converters  that can handle the load on your vehicle. Well, we are one of the few shops in the tri-city area that has them in stock with the ability and experience to correctly install them. We have a large variety of mufflers, flex pipes, resonators, etc. in stock. Let us give you that deep sound you desire and crave on your vehicle. We can quiet it down or help you wake up the neighborhood.


Exhaust leaks can be harmful to you and the environment. Even if you have rusted or broken exhaust manifolds and studs. We can fix the situation.




All vehicles have miles and miles of electrical wire connecting computers and sensors. We have the proper equipment to diagnose and solve most electrical problems in automobiles dating after 1996.



We can repair any engine problem from timing belts, water pumps, to starters and alternators.   Or, if you need a complete engine, we can find an engine and install it for you. No job is too big. Our trained service techs have years of experience to get the job done right the first time. When your vehicle gets into mileage levels above 100,000 miles in life, your engine and transmission start to wear in places unseen. Which include valves, lifters, oil pumps, gaskets, fuel pumps, batteries, and others to name a few. It may need repairs of this sort that most businesses cannot or will not do. We can and will do it all. Bring it by. Let us inspect the problem and help you get your engine like new.



Suspension can really put a strain on your vehicle in many areas.  Repairs ranging from tire wear to handling and comfort we can make all the necessary adjustments to your system. Also we repair vehicles with air suspension. We have conversion kits to give you the standard suspension feel at less than half the price of original equipment systems.  Maybe you decided to get new rims but don't have the clearance for the rims to work properly on your vehicle. Our conversion and lift kits can truly help you drive better, safer, and bring you a step closer to having the car or truck of your dreams.


We have a state of the art Hunter Eagle Eye Alignment machine that can align your vehicle to the required specifications. Reducing tire wear and increasing drivability. Allowing your steering to be on point without fear of your vehicle pulling in a undesired direction.




Is there a service engine soon light on in your vehicle? Not only is that light annoying in your vehicle, but it may be serious. Not knowing is the worst part. You need answers and we have them. We can help you understand if it is something that is simple or life threatening to your vehicle. You must bring it in as soon as it comes on. The longer you wait the more problems may occur that can effect your vehicle and your pocket in the process.  The computer is the heart and soul of your vehicle. If it begins to fail the symptoms can be very difficult to decipher.  So don't wait any longer.  Let our technicians run a diagnostic scan on your system.


 Other important lights to look for are your Tire Presure (TPMS) and ABS lights. TPMS lights monitor the drop in air pressure in tires and became standard equipment on automobiles starting in 2007.  The batteries in TPMS  sensors are designed to last only 5 to 7 years, so we suspect that there will soon be a large number of vehicles that will need this service.  We can exchange and reprogram your TPMS sensors if needed and get that annoying light off your dash.